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» Tuesday
Fall Festival

Lynne Andrews Cost $47.00

Cedric in the Cedar

Lydia Steeves  Cost $56.00

Butterfly and Flowers

Debbie Cushing Cost $47.00

Snowman Music Box

Rosemary West CDA Cost $72.00

Tree of Life

Carolyn  Curry Cost $67.00

Holiday White Poinsettias

Bobbie Campbell CDA Cost $56.00

Partridge Plume

Cathy Baldwin Cost $67.00

Graphite Geraniums

Kathryn Hanson Cost $59.00 Tuesday 8-3 Graphite Pencil

Sunlit Fountain

Marco Aguilar Cost $57.00

I See You

Cindy Makowski Cost $44.00

Old Fashioned Christmas

Sandy McTier  Cost $55.00 Tuesday 1-8 Acrylic

Lotus and Pods

Judy Ribitch Cost $60.00

Spindle Angels

Prudy Vannier Cost $48.00

Witcha in a Minute

Sandy LeFlore Cost $45.00

Santa Stocking

Lisbeth Stull Cost $54.00


Barb Jones Cost $59.00

Stand Tall

Linda O'Connell TDA Cost $50.00