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» Thursday
Swan Lake

Mark Polomchak Cost $64.00

Purple Magnolia

Vilma Fabretti Cost $57.00

Meeting of Birds

Miguel Rincon Hernandez Cost $54.00

Christmas Cardinal

Marco Aguilar Cost $57.00

Cowboy Classics

Mark Menendez Cost $57.00

Chilly the Penguin

Susan Tabor Cost $119.00

Indigo Bunting

Karen Hubbard CDA Thursday Cost $45.00

Folk Art Nativity

Maxine Thomas Cost $44.00

Christmas Tree Frog

Bobbie Takishima Cost $67.00

Pearly Dragonflies Votive Candle

Karen Brouwer Cost $68.00


Sandy McTier Cost $56.00

Lori's Glory

Lori Puszakowski-Schmidt Cost $49.00


Naomi Shimanuki MDA, DACA Cost $36.00

Art Journaling 1

Tracy Weinzapfel Cost $47.00

North Pole Truck

Laurie Speltz Cost $53.00

One Happy Snowman

Bobbie Campbell CDA Cost $49.00

Peggy Sue

Cathy Baldwin Cost $59.00

Rosemaling Your Wardrobe

Gayle Oram MDA Cost $44.00


Cindy Moore Cost $27.00

Purple Bud  Split class

Cheri Rol MDA Split Class  Cost $75.00