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Floral Fantasy

Carol Craig  Correct Price $63.00

A Snowy Dawn

Carolyn Curry  Cost $62.00

A Gathering of Friends

Lynne Andrews  Cost $50.00

Majestic Fall

Paula Leopold CDA  Cost $64.00

Spring Floral

Deborah Bonnewell CDA   Cost $60.00

Sand Box Fun

Lydia Steeves Cost $56.00

Ollie Owl

Cathy Baldwin Cost  $62.00

Beautiful Magnolias

Lora Haberstroh Cost $57.00

Elegant Stroke Tray

Shannon Miller  Cost $64.00

Watercolor Pencils on Drafting Film

Tina Sue Norris  Cost $45.00

Birds and Berries

Carolyn Bacon  Cost $54.00

Valdres Towel Holder

Gayle Oram MDA Cost $58.00

Wilbur the Scarecrow

Barb Jones  Cost $66.00

Winter Dance

Cindy Moore  Cost $32.00

Thankful Hank the Turkey

Lizbeth Stull Cost $54.00

Decoy & Cinnamon Sticks

Gloria Greaves Cost $29.00


Judy Ribitch Cost $50.00

Breath of Spring

Linda O'Connell TDA  Cost $48.00

Christmas Gnome

Lonna Lamb Cost $44.00


Cindy Makowski Cost $49.00

Dynamic Duo

Tina Sue Norris  Cost $64.00


Ann Hill  Cost $70.00

Blue Macaw

Debbie Cushing  Cost $47.00

Blue Swirl Christmas Tree and Bell Ornament

Carol Craig  Correct price $66.00

Pink Beauty

Deborah Bonnewell CDA Cost $56.00

Apples n' Pumpkins

Gloria Greaves  Cost $42.00

Africian Violets and Copper

Paula Leopold CDA Cost $64.00

Telemark Plate

Gayle Oram MDA Cost $71.00

Caroling Gnomes

Marlene Kreutz CDA Cost $54.00

Three Olde Souls

Lynne Andrews  Cost $50.00

Punkin' Zone Gnomes

Lisbeth Stull Cost $67.00

Tree of Hearts

Rosemary West CDA Cost $52.00


Bobbie Campbell CDA Cost 46.00

Emily's Barn

Carolyn Bacon Cost $60.00

Ghosts Frogs  Witches

Bobbie Takashima Cost $99.00

Fall Festival

Lynne Andrews Cost $47.00

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