OKC PAINTING PALOOZA - Oct. 23-Oct. 30, 2021
2022 Educator Submission

Educator  Contact:    Larry & Cheri Rol --- larry@okcpaintingpalooza.com
Ph. – 812-366-4180  --- Cell. – 812-972-1424


Please fill out the ONLINE form below before filling in a data sheet

Projects shall be four (4) hours, six (6) hours, or eight (8) hours.  The majority of students should be able to complete the project within class time allowed.  Eight hour classes will be limited to a select few. --- There are more slots for 4 Hr and 6 hr. classes ---

It is the Educator’s responsibility to provide each student with painting surface, paint, medium, pattern, written instructions and at least 1 color photograph for each project.  All items within photograph must be provided unless stated on Data Sheet.  Price of project shall be printed on the Data sheet.

ATTENTION -Colored Pencil  Educators
When submitting to OKC Painting Palooza 2020,
do not include the price of the pencils in your supply cost.  State on your form - 'Pencils are not included!' A note will go in the catalogue  and online, that a list of pencils required for the class will be posted on the OKC Painting Palooza website.
The student will have the option of purchasing;
#1 a whole set of pencils from their educator, #2 the colors that the student needs, #3 bring the set of colors with them. (no substitutions on brand or color). This is done in an effort to keep cost down for the student and the Educator.

Educator will receive $4.00 per hour, per student.  The Educator will be paid for "no shows".

Educator may not use class time for selling or promoting anything that does not pertain to current class.  This includes books, packets, DVDs or products.  However, you, or a person that you designate, are allowed to only sell supplies needed for this class.

Class Cancellation Policy: Any scheduled class with less than 5 students by the time we've registered 400 may be cancelled by OKC Painting Palooza. Teachers will be regularly apprised of student registration.

The projects submitted must not be offered to any other convention, seminar, magazine, website, virtual online class, e-magazine, e-club or publication in the 2022 year.  By signing this contract the Educator gives OKC Painting Palooza permission to publish the class picture and information on the OKC Painting Palooza website and in the convention catalog. Projects may not be taught prior to the conference, with the exception of one practice class of not more than 12 students held within a 100 mile radius of the educator’s home address.  The practice class cannot be advertised using social media, printed materials, etc.

Educator shall provide a class sample for display on Saturday afternoon Oct. 22, 2022.  If arriving at a later date, please send project sample to

Janette Ward, 17101 S.  Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Ok. 73170 - (405) 642 – 0603    

Educator may remove the sample from the Class Display area for Class use.

Educators are allowed to take classes without OKC Painting Palooza registration AFTER July 1, 2022 but must register for class and pay class fees and project fee.

Educator agrees to accept 20-24 students per class.

Project may not be taught within 12 months prior to Oct. 2022.

Copyright disclosure: I warrant and represent that the project(s) submitted is original with me in all respects; that no part thereof infringes the copyright of any other person or organization; that I have not copied or used the design of any copyrighted work.

OR: I am knowingly submitting a project(s) that is not entirely of my origin, and I will provide a written statement of consent for this use from the true holder of the copyright.

Furthermore, I agree that in the case of any suit for copyright infringement arising out of the work herein submitted, I will assume responsibility and cost for the defense of said suit and hold Berotu, LLC innocent of any act of infringement.  I hereby agree to present the projects accepted by Berotu, LLC; to abide by the rules and regulations above; I grant permission to publish all projects accepted in the OKC Painting Palooza brochure and on okcpaintingpalooza.com website.

We would like all submissions to be Digital and Online.

Keep in mind ----- Deadline for all Submissions AND paperwork is Dec. 15, 2021

Send a Digital Photo --- at least 2 megapixels or 1600 x 1200 pixels (resolution). Please Do Not Resize Photos. Photos must be oriented for display so the top of the photo faces the top when viewing. ALL PHOTOS NEED TO GO TO OUR DROPBOX. We will send a link as soon as I have all the data sheets.

When uploading your file, NAME your file as follows:

  • First --- OKC
  • Second --- Your First and Last Name
  • Third Class Title
    This is an example of what we need------ OKC-CheriRol-hamburger
    This is an -- OKC Project – Submitted by Cheri Rol -- Name of project is -- Hamburger

  • STEP # 1
    Fill out Educator Contract and Information form...
  • STEP # 2
    Fill out Data Sheet for each photo that is going to be put in to DROPBOX
  • STEP #3
    We will send a LINK to DROPBOX for Educator to transfer the photos into.

If you would like a copy of the contract for your records, download it here. PDF - Save for your records.
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ALL Fields marked * are required. Please write N/A if not applicable.

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*Will you be using Technology Equipment during your class?

*Are you borrowing equipment or sharing with another Educator?

*If Yes, who are you sharing equipment with? Type N/A if you have no answer

We will work to ensure sharing will not overlap.

*Are you willing to educate in a Tiered Theater Room?

*Are you sharing a booth with another Educator?

*If Yes, please name the Educator. Type N/A if you have no answer

*Are you interested in an Exhibitor's Booth?

Please request booth space by calling Katie Van Horn (816)769-6108.

OKC Painting Palooza has THREE PROJECTION screens that can be rented. 4 hr. class is $30.00. 6 hr. class is $35.00 and 8 Hr. class is $40.00. If you want to rent a screen you MUST CONTACT Larry or Cheri Rol. Screens are rented on a first come, first served basis. --- rolpub@cherirol.com ----- or ------ 812-366-4180

You will receive a copy of this form by email to the email address you entered above.