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  • Step 1: ** Fill out the ONLINE Educator Contract & Information Form below.

    After Contract Submission, fill out one data sheet for each project.
    Deadline for 2024 class submission is Friday, October 1, 2023

  • Step 2: Fill out a data sheet for EACH project. Links below.

  • Step 3: Email your best photograph as an attachment to
    Your photographs must be an attachment and the subject line should read 'Project data sheet 1, Project data sheet 2, etc.
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** Please click to fill out this ONLINE August 2024 Educator Contract & Information form

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If not, please do that now before filling out a data sheet!


Project 1 data sheet

Project 2 data sheet

Project 3 data sheet

Project 4 data sheet

Project 5 data sheet

Project 6 data sheet


Contracts are now being accepted.

PDFDownload 2024 Convention PDF Vendors Contract Here.
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