OKC PAINTING PALOOZA - August 11 - 17, 2024
BOX 23136 Oklahoma City, OK 73123
Darla (405) 203-0991


Please fill out the ONLINE form below before filling in a data sheet

Educator may not use class time for selling or promoting anything that does not pertain to current class.  This includes books, packets, DVDs or products.  However, you or a designated person, are allowed to sell only supplies needed for this class. 

Educator shall provide a class sample for display on Sunday afternoon.  If arriving at a later date, please send sample to Janette Ward at this address. Janette Ward, 17101 S.  Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Ok. 73170 - (405) 642 – 0603. Educator may remove the sample for class use.

Educator agrees to accept 20-25 students per class. 

Projects shall be four (4) hours, six (6) hours, or eight (8) hours.  The majority of students should be able to complete the project within class time allowed.  Eight hour classes will be limited to only 1 per day Monday through Thursday.

Educator must provide each student with painting surface, paint, medium, pattern, written instructions and at least 1 color photograph for each project taught.  All items within photograph must be provided unless stated on Data sheet.  Price of project shall be printed on the Data sheet for reimbursement of supplies.  Do not add in teaching fees.

Educator will receive $ 5.00  per hour, per student.  The Educator will be paid for “no shows”.

Educators are allowed to take classes without OKC Painting Palooza’s registration fee, but must register for the class and pay project fees.

Project may not be taught within 12 months prior to August, 2024.

ATTENTION - Colored Pencil Educators, when submitting to OKC Painting Palooza, do not include the price of the pencils in your supply cost. State on your form - 'Pencils are not included!' A note will go in the catalog and online, that a list of pencils required will be posted in the back of the catalog.

Furthermore, I agree that in the case of any suit for copyright infringement arising out of the work herein submitted, I will assume responsibility and cost for the defense of said suit and hold Berotu, LLC innocent of any act of infringement.  I hereby agree to teach the projects accepted by Berotu, LLC to abide by the rules and regulations above. I grant permission to publish all projects accepted in the OKC Painting Palooza brochure and on the okcpaintingpalooza.com website and other advertising venues.

Questions may be answered by emailing janette0527@gmail.com  or calling (405) 642-0603 or Darla Foreman darla@okcpaintingpalooza.com  (405) 203-0991

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OKC Painting Palooza has technical equipment available to rent. Please contact Cindy Makowski (904) 501-4432 Booth Chairman

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