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          ACRYLIC                                     BEGINNER      ACRYLIC                                       BEGINNER
          #9     AMERICAN BISON        Cindy Makowski              #11      LAST LIGHT       Marco Aguilar

          MONDAY  8-12  (4 hrs)                                    MONDAY 8-12  (4 hrs)

          SURFACE:  Goose                                          SURFACE:
          Feathers 6x6 overall                                     Canvas
          COST:  $57                                               14x11
                                                                   COST:  $44
          LEARNING GOAL:
          Unusual surface                                          LEARNING
          of the feather,                                          GOAL:
          treatment and                                            Painting
          preparation, how to                                      luminescent
          use the texture of                                       sunset skies,
          surface to enhance                                       re  ected
          painting and how to                                      light on the
          fade painting into                                       water, rocks
          feather.                                                 and sand.

          SUPPLIES TO                                              SUPPLIES TO BRING:  Bristle hair fan brush, script
          BRING:  1/4” angle,                                      liner, misc rounds,   lberts and   ats
          detail round #0 or 1,
          liner brush,   at #4
          or 6

          ACRYLIC                                  INTERMEDIATE    ACRYLIC                              INTERMEDIATE
           #10      MOST WONDERFUL TIME      Laurie Speltz         #12      HOLIDAY BELLS       Bobbie Campbell, CDA

          MONDAY 8-12  (4 hrs)                                     Monday 8-12 (4 hrs)

          SURFACE:                                                 SURFACE: Metal 4x6
          mdf Plaque                                               COST: $47
          COST:  $37                                               LEARNING GOAL:
                                                                   To shade and highlight
          LEARNING                                                 using acrylics without
          GOAL:                                                      oating.
          To layer
          stencils and                                             SUPPLIES TO BRING:
          stamps into                                              Asstd. good   ats, #4
          a complete                                               liner, math compass &
          project.                                                 Bobbie’s blenders

          TO BRING:
          1/2” angle brush, stencil brushes, large dense sponge,
          normal good selection of   ats and liners

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