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          ACRYLIC                               INTERMEDIATE         ACRYLIC                           INTERMEDIATE
          #5     WAITING 4 MAIL         Donna Hodson, CDA            #7     CHRISTMAS LIGHTS      Sandy  LeFlore

          MONDAY  8-3  (6 hrs)                                       MONDAY 10-5 (6 hrs)

          SURFACE:  Wood  8x7¼    COST:  $56                         SURFACE:  Paneled Plaque
                                                                     13½  x7
          LEARNING GOAL:                                             COST:  $48.50
          Attaching scrapbook
          paper to a surface,                                        LEARNING GOAL:  How to
          painting with a                                            so  ly blend colors onto the
          limited palette, using                                     background to give it the look
          washes.                                                    of glowing lights;  use a comb/
                                                                     rake brush to paint Santa’s
          SUPPLIES TO                                                beard, hair and mustache;
          BRING:  Cra   knife,                                       and apply their lettering
          cutting mat or old                                         with decoupage and tinting
          magazine, old size 4,                                      it with color to tie it into the
          10   ats, 1/2” angle,                                      background e  ect.
          10/0 detail liner, size
          0 script liner                                             SUPPLIES TO BRING:
                                                                     Favorite brush for drybrushing/stippling; 3/8”
                                                                       lbert comb/rake; large   at

          ACRYLIC & PAPER                       INTERMEDIATE         OILS                              INTERMEDIATE
          #6      CROCUS SAMPLER      Judy Ribitch                   #8        JAPANESE IRIS WITH GLASS
                                                                     Sherry C. Nelson, MDA
          MONDAY 10-5  (6 hrs)
                                                                     MONDAY 10-5  (6 hrs)
          Canvas  12x12                                              SURFACE: Hardboard
          COST:  $48                                                 6x14 COST:  $54

          LEARNING                                                   LEARNING GOAL:  To
          GOAL:  Learn                                               paint transparent glass,
          realistic   owers                                          elements inside glass.
          – crocus duo on                                            Upgrade your oil skills
          stencil & paper                                            to another level with
          background.                                                extensive knowledge
                                                                     presented here.
          SUPPLIES TO
          BRING:  stencil                                            SUPPLIES TO BRING:
          brush, #4 sable                                            #0-8 red sable brights; #0
          blender (domed)                                            red sable liner; oil-soluble
                                                                     graphite, ball point pen,
                                                                     9x12 disposable palette
                                                                     for oils, palette knife,
                                                                     tracing paper (1 sheet);
                                                                     small jar with lid for
                                                                     thinner, small piece of 8x18 cheesecloth

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