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# 202                                                                                  Admission

                 Please mark                   Monday Night 6pm                                           $25
              Registration form
                          Christmas Breakfast for Dinner

                                                                            Don your best Christmas pajamas and join
                                                                            us for “Brinner” (that’s Breakfast for Dinner)!
                                                                            You will be treated to a Breakfast Bu  et with
                                                                            Juices, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Okie Style Biscuits
                                                                            and Gravy, Flu  y Scrambled Eggs, Seasoned
                                                                            Breakfast Potatoes, Crispy Bacon, Sausage,
                                                                            Assorted Breakfast Pastries, and of course
                                                                            butter, fruit preserves, and Freshly Brewed
                                                                            Co  ee.

                                                                            Don’t forget to enjoy the Hot Cocoa Bar with
                                                                            lip-smacking hot cocoa, whipped cream,
                                                                            marshmallows, and peppermint!  See you in
                                                                            your PJ’s and slippers on Monday evening!

                                                                            Santa will pay us a visit.  Be sure to bring your
                                                                            cameras/phones for pictures with Santa.  And
                                                                            we will have prizes and fun and games!!  Who’s
                                                                            Naughty and Who’s Nice???  Join us to   nd out.


           OKC Painting Palooza                                     ACRYLIC                                 INTENSIVE
                                                                    #17   HO HO HO      Bobbie Takashima
                     Award Winners                                  TUESDAY  8-5  (8 hrs) @ Home 2 Hotel - free

                                                                    shuttle provided

                     2016 Legacy Award                              SURFACE:
                                                                    Wood Plate
                    Helen Stadter, MDA                              12”   COST:
            2016 “You Made a Di  erence”
                   Karen Hubbard, CDA                               GOAL:
                                                                    with retarder
                     2017 Legacy Award                              wet into wet
               Gayle Oram, MDA, VGM                                 technique.

            2017 “You Made a Di  erence”                            SUPPLIES
                                                                    TO BRING:
                   Rosemary West, CDA                               Jo Sonja Sure Touch brushes: #0 and #2 pointed
                                                                    rd blender, #2 Sableon round, #1/4” and 3/8” oval
                                                                    wash, #1/2” angle; 5x7 shallow covered container to
                                                                    store paint, waxed paper palette

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